3 Surprising Ways To Improve Your Focus, According To Science!

Want to improve your focus? Here’s what the research says you should do.

If you’ve ever struggled with distractions in the office, you aren’t alone.

According to Salary.com, over 25% of Americans struggle to concentrate at work, too.

And worse still, an inability to concentrate is linked to anxiety, depression, and short-term memory challenges.

But it doesn't have to be a problem for you. That's because new scientific research reveals exactly how to improve your focus.

1. Use This Scientifically-Proven Ideal Office Temperature

Did you know that mistakes at work can increase by up to 44% because the office is too cold?

In 2004, Professor Alan Hedge PhD, CPE identified how office temperature affects performance. He discovered that if the temperature is too cold (68ºF), we make more mistakes.

But if the room temperature is optimal (77ºF), those excess mistakes disappear.

The solution is simple - adjust your thermostat and see how much easier your work becomes.

2. Hide This One Thing In Another Room To Improve Your Cognitive Function

Research from Dr. Adrian Ward at the University of Texas has revealed a shocking fact:

The mere presence of smartphones reduces available cognitive capability.

Dr. Ward’s research revealed that when your smart phone is visible:

  1. Your working memory capacity can drop by as much as 10%
  2. Your fluid intelligence drop by around 8%

It doesn't matter if your phone is face up or face down. If it's visible, it's impairing your ability to concentrate.

The solution? According to Dr. Ward, you want to put your phone into another room. And if that’s not possible, put it into your bag

3. Swallow This... Tree Bark? 

File this under "unbelievable yet true".

If you're easily distracted, you could benefit by consuming a key extract from the french maritime pine's bark.

Named Pycnogenol, numerous studies have shown that this tree park extract can:

Plus, it is recognized as having far fewer side effects than Ritalin. 

Do You Want To Boost Your Focus And Productivity?

If you're sick of dealing from distractions, falling behind in your work, or failing to reach your professional goals, here's what you need to know:

Pycnogenol is one of the four performance-boosting ingredients found in this little round pill that's popular with Silicon Valley engineers, successful entrepreneurs, and high performing professionals.

Professionals who take it daily are reporting it's safe, effective, and far better than anything else they've tried:

"It has given me calm, sustained focus many days without any noticeable side effects."
Ben D, 3rd party verified customer

"[This pill] is great. I felt clear-headed, motivated, not at all wired, and went on like that for hours. In my work, the ability to drop into ‘the Zone’ like that is gold."
Ben P, Digital Media Director, 3rd party verified customer

"It helps me feel more energetic and gives me the ability to focus. So it's basically a stimulant but way better than coffee. No jitters and it really enhances my performance."
Ben M, Software Engineer, 3rd party verified customer

 Are you curious how this little round pill can dramatically enhance your focus, memory, and creativity in as little 30 minutes? 

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