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3 Proven Ways To
Generate Your Next Breakthrough Idea Within The Next 24 Hours 

Unlock Your Creativity: Use these 3 time-tested methods for triggering your creativity,
escaping mental ruts, and tapping into your inner-genius

This downloadable PDF was first designed for members of the Premimum Course '8 Week Brain Boost Course'. But today, you can download your copy for free. 

If you're struggling to break out of a mental rut, try one of these proven methods to unleash your true creative potential:

  • Thomas Edison's surprisingly lazy trick to access your "Genius Gap", where the greatest ideas hide
  • The scientifically backed activity that increases idea generation by 60% (you can do it anywhere, at any time... and in exactly what you're wearing right now)
  • The dangerously effective method used by an 89-year old Japanese inventor to developed more than 3,200 patented ideas

To access the step-by-step process for each of these methods, click the button below and download your free PDF, 'How To Maximize Idea Generation'

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Want To Unlock Your True Creative Potential? Read this...

Advocates Are Claiming This
Swiss-Synthesized Compound Increases
Your Creativity. Here's Why.

This Swiss-synthesized compound, known almost exclusively to insiders of the bio-hacking and high-performance communities, is becoming increasingly popular. 

In the 1970s, Swiss pharmaceutical company Hoffman-La Roche synthesized a powerful, creativity inducing compound. 

For a long time, it remained relatively unknown outside the scientific community.

But in the early 2000s, it was rediscovered by a small, passionate community. Since then, it has built a strong following of passionate users.

New York Times Best-selling Authors have revealed it's role in their success, praising it's ability to induce creativity and enhance memory. 

CNN recognized the power of this compound, claiming that it could be the power behind Silicon Valley's world changing culture.

And, home of the INC500 fastest growing companies, has even written on this powerful compound.

As this compound's popularity has increased, so has demand - with stockists struggling to keep their shelves stocked all year round.

"[This compound is] fast acting, and has effects on
memory I/O, creativity, and stress"

Dave Asprey, Entrepreneur and Best-Selling Author

Dave Asprey, founder of the multi-million dollar business Bulletproof, has written extensively on this compound.

He even considers it one of his top 6 tools for upgrading your brain.

So what is this compound, and how does it work?

The compound's name is N-anisoyl-2-pyrrolidinone, but is better known as Aniracetam.

According to, Aniracetam: "has been know to aid in 'collective and holistic thinking', or putting the pieces of the puzzle together. It also increases blood flow and activity in the area of the brain known for this action, the association cortex."

Plus, studies have shown that Aniracetam improves ability to socialize by reducing social anxiety and depression, boosts creativity by enhancing associated cognitive function (including memory), and can produce anti-anxiety effects.

How To Maximize Aniracetam's Creativity Boosting Properties

While Aniracetam can increase your creativity, a good idea isn't enough. It's imperative that you can take advantage of your new found insights.

The truth is that Aniracetam is more effective when paired with proven and complimentary cognitive-enhancing ingredients.

At Axon Labs, we recognize the importance of harnessing your creativity. That's why we've partnered with world renowned biohacker Abelard Lindsay - designer of the CILTEP stack.

Thanks to his extensive expertise we've designed and manufactured a powerful, creativity enhancing pill. It's being used by professionals around the world, from board rooms in London to hacker houses in Bangkok.

To help you learn more about this popular, little, round pill — and why professionals are using it every day — we've put together a short guide.

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