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3 Proven Ways To Generate Your Next Innovative Idea Within The Next 24 Hours 

Unlock Your Creativity: Use these 3 time-tested methods for triggering your creativity, 
escaping mental ruts, and tapping into your inner-genius

This downloadable PDF was first designed for members of the Premimum Course '8 Week Brain Boost Course'. But today, you can download your copy for free. 

If you're struggling to break out of a mental rut, try one of these proven methods to unleash your true creative potential in our FREE cheat sheet:

  • Thomas Edison's surprisingly lazy trick to access your "Genius Gap", where the greatest ideas hide
  • The scientifically backed activity which will increase idea generation by 60% (you can do this anywhere... and in exactly what you're wearing right now)
  • The dangerously effective method used by an 89-year old Japanese inventor to developed more than 3,200 patented ideas

To access the step-by-step process for each of these methods, click the button below and download your free PDF, 'How To Maximize Idea Generation'