About Us

Axon Labs was created in partnership with Smart Drug Smarts, the leading podcast on nootropics and cognitive enhancement.


The podcast was launched in 2012 and since then Smart Drug Smarts has been lucky enough to play host to over 120 of the world’s top experts on some of the world’s coolest stuff.


After a few years, it only made sense to make our own nootropic compound backed by the knowledge being accrued via the Smart Drug Smarts community – something rigorously tested, safe, and effective.


So we contacted biohacker, stack designer, and Smart Drug Smarts Alumnus Abelard Lindsay to help us get started...


And in 2015 Axon Labs was born!


We could go on, but we'd rather have Abelard tell you about his carefully curated stacks himself.


For Abelard on Nexus click here.


For Abelard on Mitogen click here.

The Minds Behind Our Nootropics


Meet the team behind Smart Drug Smarts here.


And some of the super-smart interviewees who have made the show possible here.

Looking For More Info?


Check out our FAQ page first. If you can't find what you're looking for there, email support@axonlabs.io.


For press inquiries or general questions about Axon Labs, please email info@axonlabs.io.


For customer service issues with current orders or subscriptions, please email myorder@axonlabs.io.