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The KetoSummit Products

Are you struggling to follow a ketogenic diet? Then check out these resources from The KetoSummit.

The KetoSummit has organized vital resources to help you plan what to eat, and when to eat it, to maintain a ketogenic response on a daily basis.

This is the biggest discount the KetoSummit has ever offered — Axon Labs customers get 60% off their top-selling Keto resources. 

$200 Off JC Deen's Weight Loss Through Habit Change

Are bad habits and self-sabotaging psychology making it hard to shed weight? Then you need JC Deen.

JC Deen is a Schwarzenegger featured weight loss coach who focuses on addressing the habits that undermine your physical transformation.

Normally $500, JC Deen is offering a $200 discount on his habit change and weight loss package for Axon Labs customer.

15% Off Taylor Pearson's
The Effective Entrepreneur

Struggling to set, plan, and accomplish your most important goals? Unleash your productivity using Taylor Pearson's step-by-step system.

The best-selling author of The End Of Jobs, Taylor Pearson is the creator of the Effective Entrepreneur. Using the system he outlines, you'll be able to effortlessly accomplishing your most important, life-changing goals.

Spend over $100 during Black Friday, and you'll get a 15% discount code for Taylor's complete course.

$75 Off 
Any Casper Mattress

The number one biohacking tool on the planet is a good night's sleep. Without it, nothing else matters.

Casper is known as the best bed for better sleep. Designed by an award-winning R&D team in San Francisco, each mattress is engineered to ensure comfort and support — giving you the best night of rest you'll ever have.

Get $75 off any Casper bed, all year long, by using our special link, available after you purchase.

Save 30% On Ketonix Ketone Breath Monitors

Looking to monitor your Ketone levels in a cost-sensitive, non-intrusive way? Then you'll love this.

Using advanced technology, these devices accurately measure your breath ketone level within 30 seconds. Over time, you'll  use this data to identify powerful trends.

Axon Labs customers get 30% off Ketonix Bluetooth, Ketonix USB with battery, and  Ketonix USB.

Just select your model, and contact us using the button below for your special link.

20% Off Your First Year
Of SelfDecode

Use SelfDecode to uncover your genetic weaknesses, and play to your strengths.

SelfDecode takes your data from services like 23andMe, Ancestry, Courtagen, and Family Tree, and filters it through a database of 30,000 SNPs.

Armed with this data, you can make informed choices that lead to a sustained mental and physical edge.

When you spend over $100 with Axon Labs, we'll send you a special coupon for 20% off your first year.

Save 20% On All
Kettle & Fire Purchases

Kettle & Fire are creators of best-selling bone broth formulations — and as an Axon Labs customer, you'll get 20% off any purchase.

Bone broth is used to strengthen and improve digestion, joints, skin, immunity and more. And for extra efficacy, Kettle & Fire is made with 100% grass-fed bones & organic ingredients.

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Save 10% On All One Stop Paleo Shop Orders

If you've been struggling to find high quality, paleo friendly foods to support your health and wellness, One Stop Paleo Shop has you covered.

One Stop Paleo Shop stocks popular paleo brands including Bulletproof® and Primal Kitchen, and has an extensive collection of AIP and Keto friendly products on offer.

Spend over $100 with Axon Labs today, and you'll receive a coupon for 10% on your next order.

Save $300 On Micro Biome Testing With The Digestive Health Center

Could your micro biome be undermining your physical and mental performance? 

Unaddressed, your micro biome could be contributing to anxiety, depression, skin issues, inflammation, joint issues, and more.

That's why we've partnered with Christine Rosche M.P.H., C.N.S. and the team at the Digestive Health Center.

Spend over $100 with Axon Labs today and you'll unlock a $300 discount on the Digestive Health Center's top selling micro biome analysis tests, and a consultation. 


Plus, unlock nearly $1,000 in exclusive discounts
with our partners when you spend over $100

Offer expires in: