Boost Your Creativity! How To Generate Breakthrough Ideas With A Scientist's 100 Year Old Trick

Thomas Edison's Method For Generating Creative Ideas

Are you stuck in a mental rut? Do you find yourself looking at a blank screen or piece of paper, fighting to ignite your creativity?

If so, something that might help is this 100 year old trick used by Thomas Edison. 

By the end of this article, you'll have his number one trick for stimulating creativity — and you'll be able to use it immediately.

(Plus, you'll learn how Silicon Valley's elite engineers and other top performers are putting their creativity on autopilot with ease.)

Becoming Thomas Edison: How To Unlock Your Inner Genius In 20 Minutes Or Less 

While he was a hard worker, Thomas Edison didn't create 1,093 different inventions through hard work alone.

In fact, the secret to his success was rooted in triggering "hypnagogic imagery."

This brings us to three questions:

  1. What is hypnagogic imagery?
  2. How did Edison trigger hypnagogic imagery to generate breakthrough ideas?
  3. How can you use Edison's trick in 20 minutes or less?

Let's start with hypnagogic imagery.

1. What Is Hypnagogic Imagery?

Hypnagogic imagery is the hallucinatory, and sometimes strikingly rich visual images that appear in our mind’s eye as we drift off toward actual sleep.

We trigger hypnagogic imagery when we're neither asleep, nor awake - but rather in the "drifting" phase. It's where our subconscious and conscious mind meet.

2. How Did Edison Trigger Hypnagogic Imagery To Generate Breakthrough Ideas?

"Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious."
Thomas Edison

Edison's process for generating breakthrough ideas was made up of three parts.

First, he would be clear on the outcome he wanted from his nap.

This would be an answer to the question he was struggling with, or a solution to the problem he hadn't been able to solve.

(For example, he might ask a question beginning with "how might I...", or consider a problem through the lens of "what is causing...")

Then, once Edison was clear on the desired outcome of his nap, he would make the request to his brain — literally requesting his brain to answer the question he'd settled on.

With his brain well primed, Edison would be ready to trigger focused hypnagogic imagery.

Here's how he did it...

3. How To Trigger Hypnagogic Imagery And Experience Incredible Creative Breakthroughs In The Next 20 Minutes

Edison's method for tapping into his primed, hypnagogic imagery was comprised of four steps. 

Once your brain is primed, there's only five steps to take:

  1. Assume a relaxed pose that you can nap in (either lying down, or sitting in a comfortable chair with good support).
  2. Rest a metal object in your hands (a key or ball bearings will do the trick). Ensure they will be landing on a hard surface.
  3. Relax and drift off into the nothingness, allowing yourself to nap.
  4. As you start to fall asleep, the muscles in your hand will relax... allowing the items in your hand to fall and hit the hard surface beneath you
  5. As you are jolted awake, don't reach for your phone. Instead, examine the hypnagogic imagery you were experiencing. How do they help you with your current situation.

And that's it.

Want To Unleash Your True Creativity Potential, And Generate Breakthrough Ideas On Demand? 

While it's clear Edison's method could be very effective, there's two problems with it.

First, Edison's method doesn't always work. You might be too tired, your brain might be underpowered, or you might simply be unable to get in the zone.

Secondly, it takes time. If you have to nap for 20 minutes every time you want to get your brain "in the creative zone", you're going to lose a lot of time. 

But there is an easier, more reliable way to unleash your creativity and generate breakthrough ideas.

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