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Axon Labs is selling all our remaining inventory.

Over the past several months, it has become increasingly difficult for us to process payments made by customers, because -- as strange as it sounds -- the banks that receive credit and debit card payments have become increasingly scared about nootropics, despite the legal status of most compounds considered "nootropics" in most jurisdictions.  A lot of this seems to trace back to the 2016 United Kingdom Psychoactive Substances Act, which was created to combat street drugs (not nootropics), but took a guilty until proven innocent approach in doing so.

The ripple effects seem to have far exceeded this law's actual legal jurisdiction, and over the course of 2017, Axon Labs experienced:

  • PayPal freezing our accounts with thousands of dollars of legitimate orders locked away.  (We processed the customer orders, of course, but at present PayPal is still sitting on the money.  If you've ever tried getting a human on the phone from PayPal, you know our pain.)
  • Amazon Pay freezing our accounts, in a very similar situation -- except that Amazon was much cooler about (eventually) releasing the funds.  Nevertheless, Amazon doesn't allow either Nexus or Mitogen to be sold on its platform.
  • Axon Labs' primary payment processor did a full audit in mid-summer 2017 and gave us a big "you're all clear!" go-signal...  This was followed by them contacting us just a couple months later, saying, "Well...actually no." 

Axon Labs is not alone in these difficulties.

There is an industry-wide "guilt by association" complex affecting products featuring compounds like the racetams.  The situation seems to be encouraging business extremes rather than a middle path: either extremely well-known ingredients perceived to be un-risky (e.g. Vitamin C) or extremely underground, illegal sales structures (e.g. prescription-only pharmaceuticals sold from international sources and paid with money-laundering tactics).

Axon Labs has been described by banks -- including our current banks -- as having "reputational risk."  This makes us bristle.  But while it's galling to walk away from a fight, we also believe in picking our battles.

As of now, Nexus is on a major clearance sale. We're selling until the shelves are empty.  (Mitogen has sold out already.)

Thanks again, so much, for your patronage.

- the Axon Labs Team