How NEXUS™ took an IT professional’s career to the next level by helping him be more productive

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Software Engineer

Our NEXUS™ advanced nootropic stack gives you the edge that can take your career to the next level.

It’s a big claim, but one we know to be true because of how many customers have gotten in touch to tell us how NEXUS™ has helped in their career.

Here’s one of our favorite stories:

IT Professional In Competitive Environment Becomes #1 Employee Without Sacrificing Social Life

David B, from Victoria, Australia, is an IT Professional who often finds himself working long hours - sometimes as much as 15 hours a day.

As a result, he was struggling to reach his productivity potential while maintaining a social life of any kind.

And then he discovered NEXUS™. By using it in conjunction with MITOGEN™, David quickly became the #1 employee in his office (a competitive IT environment):

“Using Mitogen and Nexus together.. definitely made me far more present and productive. [It] made me the number #1 worker in my office (and that's saying a lot for the competitive IT environment I work in).”

And on top of that, he found he finally had the energy to pursue long social expeditions after work.

What Other People Say About NEXUS™

“To help with dissertation writing, I've tried smart drugs on top of good diet, exercise, and plenty of rest. I've tried Ritalin, Adderall, Provigil, nicotine, *lots* of caffeine, and now NEXUS. NEXUS wins."

Robert Ness, Statistician - Systems Biology

"I have chronic toxin build-up, and I'm constantly looking for ways to help my detox pathways work better. NEXUS and MITOGEN have been amazing for both my mental and physical stamina."

Laura Styler, Diagnosed in 2011 with MTHFR

"NEXUS is great. I felt clear-headed, motivated, not at all wired, and went on like that for hours. In my work, the ability to drop into ‘the Zone’ like that is gold."

Ben Pomeroy, Digital Media Director

“Nexus has been part of my daily routine now for about 6 months and I LOVE IT. I have cut down on my caffeine intake to only a cup a day (I was nearing 5-6 before) and not only do I feel much better, but I'm staying on top of my workload with ease. Thank you, Axon Labs!”

Ronin, 3rd party verified NEXUS™ customer

“I've tried many nootropics and this blend is one of a select few where I've noticed a meaningful effect. It has given me calm, sustained focus many days without any noticeable side effects."

Ben D, 3rd party verified NEXUS™ customer

“I have been using Nexus every morning for the last few months and the impact has been noticeable and sustainable. You will feel the mental clarity in addition to an unintended side effect which it controls hunger pangs that allows me to easily hit my 16 hour intermittent fasting regimen. Cost benefit ratio is worth it in my opinion”

Mark P, 3rd party verified NEXUS™ customer

“At last, a lab that believes in and promotes nootropics and their results. I am a facilities manager running about thirty properties, with a high demand to be able to jump from problem to problem and I am up at 5am and work until around 5pm.I believe in the science of assisting the mind, and I'm grateful for Axon Labs for coming to the forefront in an industry full of snake oil.”

Steve H, facilities manager for multiple properties

Do You Struggle To Stay Focused, Too?

There’s no need to suffer from distractions, fall behind in your work, or fail to reach your professional goals. Try out NEXUS™ for yourself, and see how it improves your productivity and focus, just like it did for the people you red about above.

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