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As Used By Top Software Engineers In Silicon Valley:

How You Can Boost Your Productivity And Enhance Your Focus By Taking Nexus, According To Science

Research from the University of California has revealed that a professional’s concentration is broken once every 11 minutes on average.

And according to Basex, these interruptions add up to 2 hours and 6 minutes of lost time every single day.

That’s a full day each week.

Unable to focus, most professionals are losing productivity — and find themselves frustrated as another quarter passes without recognition for their skills or contribution.

The Biggest Killer Of Productivity (And Promotions)

“As part of the study, we interviewed 1,000 managers from a variety of American companies… 87 percent of managers say that the ability to prioritize work is the most important skill they are looking for when deciding whom to promote.”
- Dan Schawbel, author of You 2.0

Here's why you're struggling to be productive:

Your brain is failing to accurately and effectively filter distractions against your priorities.

And when you can't filter in real time, you get pulled in a million equally urgent directions (and browser tabs) — limiting your ability to execute.

But what if there was a way to stop this from happening?

What if you could...

  • Execute your tasks quickly and effectively without having your productivity destroyed by distractions?
  • Work from a deep state of flow, solving challenging problems without stress or frustration or another tight deadline whipping past?
  • Feel energized before, during, and after work without the anxiety or jitters produced by coffee?

This is where NEXUS™ comes in.

NEXUS™ is unlike other products crammed with caffeine or pointless doses of dozens of ingredients.

It is a small, easy to swallow, gluten free pill containing four high-impact ingredients.

And it’s currently being used by successful white-collar professionals around the globe - from Silicon Valley, to Sydney Australia.

Each morning, professionals are taking NEXUS™ because science has shown its four ingredients can:

  • Enhance your concentration, empowering you to get more done in less time (and skip the unpaid overtime that less effective workers are stuck putting in)
  • Boost your mood by bringing on a calm, sustained focus, free of the distractions that stop you from performing to their potential 
  • Fight off distractions so that you can finally be productive and produce the quality of work that will get you the recognition you deserve 

This combined impact is called the NEXUS™ effect.

And every single month, more and more professionals are experiencing it:

“I have been using Nexus every morning for the last few months and the impact has been noticeable and sustainable. You will feel the mental clarity.”
- Mark P., 3rd-party verified NEXUS™ buyer 

"I'm 60 and use it when I have intense work or personal situations. This gives me peak mental abilities."
- Joseph D., 3rd-party verified NEXUS™ buyer 

"Great mental accuity yet also calm affords freedom from anxiety driven distractions. Great balance!"
- Sean J., 3rd-party verified NEXUS™ buyer 

"Quality of life improvement! Nexus has increased both focus & clarify of thought and I highly recommend to anyone seeking the same."
- Scott K., 3rd-party verified NEXUS™ buyer 

"Surprised with the continuing cognitive enhancement with relatively small dosing."
- Guy H., 3rd-party verified NEXUS™ buyer 

And right here, right now, you're going to discover why our customers have such an incredible experience with NEXUS™...

Right down to the very science that supports their cognitive boost.

Introducing: The Science Behind The Four Ingredients Found In Every NEXUS™ Pill

Ingredient One: Pycnogenol 
Boosts Your Focus And Improves Your Results

Struggling with concentration? Worried about the quality of your work? Imagine enhancing your focus and improving your results. That’s where Pycnogenol helps.

A French maritime pine bark extract, Pycnogenol:

  • Reduces hyperactivity and improves attention (it’s a natural alternative for relief of ADD/ADHD symptoms) [1]
  • Is associated with improved mood and sense of wellbeing [2]
  • Improves cognitive performance - reducing the rate of failed tests, and producing higher average performance in students [2]

These benefits alone could transform your career satisfaction, and improve your trajectory - directly an increased quality of life.

But for maximum impact on your cognition, Pycnogenol has been combined with...

Ingredient Two: CDP-choline 
Enhances Your Memory And Reduces Forgetfulness

Do you find yourself forgetting where you put your car keys? Or even worse, forgetting important relationship anniversaries? Would you like to have a “steel trap” memory instead? If so, consider the benefits of CDP-choline.

Acting on the CDP-choline pathway first identified by Eugene Kennedy in 1956, doses of CDP-choline are shown to:

  • Reduce cognitive decline and improve mental performance in recall tests (immediate and delayed object recall, word recall) within set demographics [3]
  • Increase verbal memory formation in men and women within set demographics, presenting anti-aging properties [4]
  • Improve attention focus and attention inhibition (these vital aspects of attention are vital to enhanced memory) [5]

If you work in a demanding role, you know how important it is to have the right information and tools at the right time. With CDP-choline, you can finally be completely confident in your abilities (no more feeling like an imposter!).

Ingredient Three: Phosphatidylserine
Clarifies And Accelerates Your Thinking

Are you frustrating by brain fog? Is slow thinking holding you back at work? Then you’ll be delighted to learn about Phosphatidylserine.

Extracted from plants, more than 20 years of controlled testing, and over 21 double-blind clinical trials, have shown that Phosphatidylserine:

  • Increases the speed of calculations by 20% and improve accuracy - even when fatigued, demonstrated by reducing incorrect answers by 39% [6]
  • Improve working memory in specific groups, by enhancing underlying attention and reducing impulsivity [7]

And while Phosphatidylserine alone dramatically improves your thinking speed and accuracy, your quality of thinking will be upgraded through...

Ingredient Four: Aniracetam 
Unleashes The Full Potential Of Your Creativity

Do you get stuck in the details when trying to solve problems? Do you struggle to see the “big picture”, losing sight of what really matters? If so, you'll love this ingredient.

First synthesized in the 1970s by scientists at the Swiss multinational healthcare company Hoffman-La Roche, Aniracetam has been connected with increased blood flow to the area of your brain that’s associated with collective and holistic thinking. 

Enhanced holistic thinking enables you to see the hidden connections in large-scale patterns, sensing how the pieces fit together, so that you can react to them quickly and accurately.

And since it was first synthesized, Aniracetam has been demonstrated to:

  • Improve ability to socialize by reducing social anxiety and depression [8]
  • Boost creativity by enhancing associated cognitive functions, including memory [9]
  • Produce anti-anxiety effects across three different mouse models [10]

Imagine how having enhanced productivity could improve your career - and your lifestyle.

Could it fast track you to your next promotion?

Give you the freedom to set your own hours?

See you getting home from work early to spend engaged time with your family?

When you're taking NEXUS™, it's entirely up to you.

Now you know you’ll find in every single NEXUS™ pill. 

Yes, Each Of These Ingredients Are Powerful Alone. But Combining Them Triggers A Seismic Shift In Your Productivity.

When NEXUS™ was first designed by nootropic expert Abelard Lindsay, he had one goal — to get you to your cognitive potential faster, and keep you there longer.

That's why after months of deep research, pouring over citations and research journals, and hypothesizing, he first began testing the NEXUS™ compound on himself.

By combining each of the ingredients together with a research-backed method, he was able to unlock their impact without sacrificing any efficacy.

Here's How We Ensure You Experience The NEXUS™ Effect With Every Pill

To ensure you will experience the NEXUS™ Effect every time, we’ve three things happen to every single pill we produce:

All Pills Are Manufactured To the Highest Quality Production Standards In Our FDA Certified Production Facility

Every single NEXUS™ pill we sell is produced in an FDA registered and licensed facility.

This ensures that the highest standards of consistency in manufacturing are met - meaning that every NEXUS™ formula

All Ingredients Are Sourced From Premium Partners, And 3rd Party Lab Tested To Guarantee A Standardized, Predictable Experience

We’re highly selective with the ingredients you get in your NEXUS™.

We only source from proven suppliers, and verify the quality through 3rd party lab testing (our Aniracetam, for example, is tested by Advanced Botanical Consulting & Testing in Turner, California). 

All Pills Are Only Released After They Have Been Produced To The Exact Ingredient Standards Of Our Nootropics Expert

NEXUS™ was formulated by renowned nootropics expert Abelard Lindsay.

Abelard has designed stacks used by World Champion Poker Player Martin Jacobson, New York Times Best-Seller Tim Ferriss, and Memory Champion Mattias Ribbing. He designed NEXUS™ to help individuals like you reach their cognitive potential faster, and stay there longer. 

More Customers Rely On NEXUS™ To Reach Their Cognitive Potential Faster, And Stay
There Longer

"To help with dissertation writing, I've tried smart drugs on top of good diet, exercise, and plenty of rest. I've tried Ritalin, Adderall, Provigil, nicotine, *lots* of caffeine, and now NEXUS™. NEXUS™ wins."
Robert Ness, PhD

"NEXUS™ definitely made me far more present and productive. [It] made me the number #1 worker in my office (and that's saying a lot for the competitive IT environment I work in).”
David B., IT Professional

"I have chronic toxin build-up, and I'm constantly looking for ways to help my detox pathways work better. NEXUS™ … has been amazing for both my mental and physical stamina."
Laura Styler, Diagnosed in 2011 with MTHFR

How Much Does NEXUS™ Cost?

If you’ve read this far, and you’re interested in improving your focus, you’re ready to try NEXUS™ for yourself. But you’re probably wondering - how much will it cost?

After all, the average pharmaceutical costs more than $2,000,000,000 (yes, two BILLION dollars) to bring to market…

And individuals routinely spend more than $11,000 per year on pills to improve their quality of life.

At Axon Labs, we’re different.

By taking advantage of unique manufacturing arrangements, decentralized operations, and advances in technology, we’ve been able to bring our costs down against the pharmaceutical industry by over 90%.

And instead of pocketing the difference as profits, we pass the savings onto you.

Instead of paying almost $1,000 per bottle, you can get bottles of NEXUS™ for $60 or less when you buy today.

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Customer Support

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We're so confident that you'll love NEXUS™, we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Simply buy your NEXUS™ today, and if you're unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact customer support within 30 days for a complete and prompt refund.

Gluten And Vegan Friendly

Every ingredient in NEXUS™ is Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do You Guarantee Your Delivery?
A. Buy with confidence the first time and every time from Axon Labs. We guarantee the delivery of our shipments. If your package is lost or damaged, we will send another shipment out. 

In the event that you provided us with an incorrect address, we will request payment for the surcharge to reroute the package or the fee for a new shipment.

Q. Do You Deliver Internationally?
A. Yes! In order to expedite and ensure delivery to our customers, all Axon Labs international shipments to eligible countries are sent by USPS. Delivery dates can range anywhere from 4 - 14 business days. 

Please note, though, that we cannot deliver to: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Morocco, Norway, Sweden, or the Ukraine.

International shipments may be subject to additional duties, import taxes, and/or customs fees that are the responsibility of the customer. 

In the event that a shipment is refused and returned, Axon Labs LLC. reserves the right to retrieve any costs incurred from the customer. 

Q. Do You Guarantee Your Delivery?
A. Buy with confidence the first time and every time from Axon Labs. We guarantee the delivery of our shipments. If your package is lost or damaged, we will send another shipment out. 

In the event that you provided us with an incorrect address, we will request payment for the surcharge to reroute the package or the fee for a new shipment.

Q. Is NEXUS™ Safe?

A. Absolutely. Our premium ingredients have been rigorously tested for efficacy, purity and safety. Plus they're supported by decades of scientific research.

We use proprietary formulas to protect the ratios of certain ingredients in our products. This allows us to continue our development and research. 

Plus, Axon Labs uses only the finest, pharmaceutical-grade compounds within our products. 

Q. Is NEXUS™ gluten free?
A. Yes, NEXUS™ is completely gluten free.

Q. Is NEXUS™ soy free?
A. No. The phosphatidylserine in Nexus is derived from soy, so Nexus is not soy free. We stopped using bovine extracted phosphatidylserine and moved to soy-derived phosphatidylserine to produce better quality products while reducing our impact on the planet.