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MITOGEN™ Advanced Mitochondrial Support

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Your brain cells rely on mitochondria to support and maintain higher levels of cognitive function. Optimizing mitochondria is essential to mental performance.

MITOGEN™ combines nootropic super-nutrients to promote the mitochondria’s production of cellular energy. Research suggests that the compounds in MITOGEN™ can improve brain cell function and support neuronal stimulation.

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Sulbutiamine & Vitamin B5
Sulbutiamine is a derivative of Vitamin B1 that can more easily cross the blood brain barrier, providing a key component in turning glucose into energy. Vitamin B5 works to support mitochondria with fatty acid fuel. And together, both Sulbutiamine and Vitamin B5 assist in the production of acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter.

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R-Lipoic Acid & Vitamin C
These super-antioxidants are essential cofactors to proper mitochondrial activity and cellular energy production. They also help prevent free radical damage to the the mitochondria and support long-term mental function.
Idebenone & BioPQQ®
Idebenone and BioPQQ enhance mitochondrial biogenesis, leading to increased activity in the electron transport chain that mitochondria use to produce ATP energy.